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April 27, 2007

I'm Gonna Take Satisfaction, I'm Gonna Get Rock Action

Charging down to the Merchandise Mart (after a full day of work today) for the Preview Night festivites of Art Chicago and Bridge has already pushed me past the brink of early exhaustion. It's barely Friday, but please don't tell my poor feet what I have in store for them later today.

As if the fairs themselves weren't enough to undermine my precious vitality, 11 pm Friday night will find me at the doors of the House of Blues for a rendevouz with recently reunited Chicago punkers Naked Raygun. (It will be the second show of the evening, so here's hoping they save of a bit of the rocket fuel for us Johnnie-come-latelies.)

The full bill: "Naked Raygun with Special Surprise Guest, Dillinger Four, and the Bollweevils." A surprise guest? Tantalizing.

Punknews.org reports that Raygun will be joined onstage by Dan Schafer (aka, Dan Vapid) and (drum roll...) Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers.

Not 100% shocking, let alone unprecedented:

Can we bank on Jake joining them for "Suspect Device" tomorrow, too? This could be sweet.

Though it'll be cool to see the recently reunited Bollweevils, it's kind of a shame we won't be getting the Effigies as well. They're playing the 6:00 show, but John Kezdy will be running off to DJ at Exit afterward.

Anyways, I'll make the rest of this brief... Sharing is caring, so enjoy the following:

Super special meta goodness... The Bollweevils cover Naked Raygun: "New Dreams"

And a special bonus... Ripped from my copy of the Bollweevils' "Ripple" 7-inch: "999-Stoney"

(Do enjoy the snap, crackle and pop of the latter. Like a warm analog blanket.)

"I'm Gonna Take Satisfaction, I'm Gonna Get Rock Action"
Posted by Dan at 04:10 AM


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