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September 12, 2006

Sound System Gonna Bring Me Back Up

Tim Armstrong

Why I never got totally into Rancid back in the day I couldn't say, considering I was right in the cross-hairs of their target demo circa 1995. I mean, Op Ivy was my bread and butter. Seriously... my senior quote was a verse from "Junkies Runnin' Dry."

Certainly, "Ruby Soho," "Time Bomb," "Roots Radicals" and "Junkie Man" (among other songs) all managed to soak into my Q101-addled brain but, for whatever reason, our sonic union was never really consummated.

Since raiding some friends' iTunes library recently, though, I have had a chance to get my nostalgia on and, apart from listening to Dookie for the first time since probably junior high ("Welcome to Paradise," still very much the jam), have reintroduced myself to a slice of Rancid's roots rock revival.

So tonight (that is, last night?) I got a hook-up on a posh opera box seat at the first of two House of Blues shows (at this point in my life the ideal elevation from which to take in the circle pits) and I couldn't have been more contented. Enjoyed some cold beer and delicious Crispy Catfish Nuggets amidst one of the world's premier collections of outsider art. And, though Tim Armstrong will be turning 40 in November and Matt Freeman is already there, the lads put on a hell of a show.

As they've apparently been doing on tour, they even busted out a couple Op Ivy numbers (both introduced by Lars rather non-chalantly as songs by "a band called Operation Ivy"), including a sing-along acoustic version of "Knowledge" during their encore that quite seriously made my week.

(Throwing a little "007 (Shanty Town)" on the PA after the show was a decent touch, too, by the way... Desmond Dekker, RIP and all that.)

Long story short, Rancid rocked and I'm now the proud owner of a lovely, signed ...And Out Come the Wolves picture disc...

...And Out Come the Wolves

Vinyl? Uh-huh.

Dork? Most assuredly.

"Sound System Gonna Bring Me Back Up"
Posted by Dan at 02:00 AM


And, though Tim Armstrong will be turning 40 in November and Matt Freeman is already there

40! Horrors. Actually, though I was too old for them the first time around, I'm not surprised to hear that they were good live. No nonsense, staying within their range, those are good qualities in a band of their kind. More of them should keep that in mind.

Posted by: JL on September 14, 2006 at 06:42 PM

Your sarcasm is appreciated, but we're talking 40 in punk rock years.

Joey and Dee Dee both kicked it at 49, and they were relics. Johnny made it to 55 (leaving us just before he had the chance to vote for Bush again).

And others have aged even less gracefully.

It's all a matter of perspective, though, right? After the show Monday my friend Courtney (mid-twenties) had a pink-haired high school punker call her "ma'am."

Posted by: Dan on September 15, 2006 at 03:14 PM

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