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September 6, 2006

Chicago, get yer chauvinist asses in gear

Chicagoans and photo fans everywhere, Brian Ulrich has a mission for you:

A few months back the Saatchi Gallery in London debuted a simple and great idea in the spirit of many web phenomenon; a free website for artists of any kind to upload images of works, info and the like. Almost like a artists version of myspace, Your Gallery also contains blogs, magazines, reviews, etc.

Today the Saatchi in conjunction with the Guardian UK newspaper opens a contest of Your Gallery artists. A panel of judges—artists Marc Quinn and Cornelia Parker, critics Tim Marlow and Jonathan Jones and gallerist Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst—selected a shortlist of 30 artists from the thousands on display on the Your Gallery website.

In one of those this must be spam moments, I was emailed and told my work was chosen. Woah.

So in the spirit of many politicians, I ask my brethren suppporters to login to the Guardian website and... vote for what you like.

Guardian Voting

My Your Gallery Page

Also note Amy Stein's photographs also chosen. Amazing stuff. I met Amy earlier this year at the excellent Review Santa Fe and have been seeing her work everywhere since.

Let's go old school with a bit of that newfangled info-age Colbert treatment.

(No, seriously... play fair.)

"Chicago, get yer chauvinist asses in gear"
Posted by Dan at 11:43 AM


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