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April 29, 2006

Degenerates, All of Them

Nota bene...

Apropos my previous post, googling "decadent art fags" finds a thread from the lovelies at Little Green Footballs (in reference to this), and a classic of the genre at that:

democracy means nothing to these people.....


For so-called "liberals", they're amazingly vicious.


This really grieves me. Someone very loved by me is a young painter in NYC and I am afraid she might be involved. I don't understand that level of foolishness.


Wasn't Hitler also an artist... not a good one?

Like Hitler, these guys have obviously little art in them; just hate.


My question is, why are these people allowed to be walking the streets? They've declared their intentions. Lock. them. up. now.


Unfortunately, there are times in which I think, we have to much freedom in this country.


The entire milieu which calls itself the "art world" is nothing but a nauseating claque of useless pseudo-intellectual jag-offs. Thier main purpose in life is no longer about anything "uplifting," or about any kind of contribution to society, or even about the human experience of "beauty," nor has it been for almost a century now.

The classical traditions and techne, the lifelong training, dedication and imagination, the burning desire to scale new heights of expression, the striving to depict a more real spiritual dimension of humanity; these are lost.

They have been replaced by pure fraud, wallowing in mediocrity. The crowning achievement of the latest incarnation of the "art clique" is parting some benighted rich widow of her money on some ridiculous piece of drat, shad by the latest fashionable bohemian poseur.

They and thier wine and cheese galleries make me puke. They are decadence personified. Art fags, Frauds, Art fag-hags and blue-hairs selling the emperor's new clothes to the pretensious and the deluded.

Fuck them all.


This is the kind of thing that boggles my mind stuff like this comes out and people just cheer it on. When the Spain election happened all i could think of was how many stupid people there are in Spain who didn't even realize what they have done. When I see something like this it just shows how utterly fucking stupid some people are and will act out of fear and vote for someone else when they want to be "safe". When what they should try get involved in there local government on some level to try and to be more free.


The far left frowns upon any form of love that makes more human beings of European descent.


I don't quarrel with your overall description of much of the current art scene, but I'd watch yousing terms like "decadent" or "decadence." those were the very terms the Nazis used to condemn "Jewish" or "Jewish-influenced" modern art, including some actually great writers and painters of the early 20th century.

(I know, I know... fish in a barrel.)

"Degenerates, All of Them"
Posted by Dan at 03:25 PM


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Posted by: THE ARTS APPRECIATION GROUP on August 2, 2006 at 05:13 PM

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