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April 28, 2006

Peeking through the fog

Even with only 40-some exhibitors, NOVA last night was a bit of a blur. Nevertheless, a brief rundown of highlights that stand out in my otherwise foggy memory...

Update: I should also note in passing that Bad at Sports put their first art fair podcast of the weekend up last night. If you haven't already, be sure to check it out.

First off, Tony Fitzpatrick seems to be everywhere, from his own Big Cat Press to Billy Shire Fine Arts (Culver City, CA) to the Chicago Art Project—possibly more, if memory serves.

Every year there seems to be one or two brash and fun, if gimmicky, items that command immediate attention even if you doubt their lasting resonance. Chris Reilly's "Everything I Do Is Art, But Nothing I Do Makes Any Difference, Part II or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Gallery" in the Network of Visual Art space takes Half-Life 2 into SAIC's Gallery 2 for some aestheticized first-person shooter mayhem. A bit inside baseball, but also probably the ultimate art fair fantasy come to life.

I fell for Emma Bennet's enamel paintings at London's Clapham almost immediately. But, then, I'm always a sucker for a good glaze.

At San Francisco's Bucheon, works by David Gremard Romero offer an almost seamless pastiche of baroque art and superhero comics.

LA's Bert Green Fine Art has a number photographs by David Meanix featuring masks and entire bodies constructed from magazine or photo tearings. Some cohere better than others, but when they do, I find the effect rather striking.

Chicago's own Bucket Rider features a host of their usual suspects. I can't say why I never really tire of Nicola Kuperus' photos, but I think it makes me feel vaguely electroclash. Which is to say, strangely dirty.

War and violence make for a minor theme this year (shocking, I know). The most memorable works along these lines were the Afghan war rugs at outlaw A by Barbara Koenen (of the Chicago Artists Resource). These were created, in the manner of Tibetan sand mandalas, with colorful dried spices. Koenen was also showing some nice grenade cozies. (Shades, I think, of Rosemarie Trockel's balaclavas.)

Also of note:

Eric Doeringer's bootlegs. I have a very real urge to buy one:

Jen Davis at 65 GRAND:

Peter Gourfain at Projects Gallery:

Susan Lee-Chun at Red Dot Project:

Marci Rae McDade at gescheidle:

Jorin Bossen at Thomas Robertello Gallery:

On tap for today: NOVA Artwalk, Art Chicago and more...

Update: And tonight... the Fashion Train loops the Loop.

"Peeking through the fog"
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