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December 14, 2005


A cheerful holiday welcome to Artkrush readers.

As is no doubt apparent from the date stamps below, the already ordinarily slow-drip posting style around here has crawled along even slower than usual as of late. I've been hoping to get one or two substantial posts up before the holidays proper hit, but I'm also pretty realistic in realizing that the pressures of the season may well keep me in near-total internet hibernation for a few weeks more.

In the meantime, the links at the right are always worth your perusal. In particular, I should highlight other Chicagoans in the fold:

Erik Wenzel's Art or Idiocy?
Richard Holland and Duncan MacKenzie's Bad at Sports Podcast
Rowley Kennerk et alia's Folding Chair
Cynthia King's Fresh Paint
Jason Foumberg's Houndstooth
Brian Ulrich's Notifbutwhen #2

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