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November 30, 2005

Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Posting may pick up around here soon. Then again, it may not. 'Tis the season to be driven to distraction, after all.

If I do manage to get around to it, though, (and no promises) I may choose to finally revisit a few unfinished posts from this past fall and summer, one of which might spring off nicely from a little rock-n-roll action I partook of last night at the Metro: a little game of "count the amps," as Mascis, Lou and Murph cleared out the earwax once and for all.

It was bit cooler out last night than the last time I saw these guys, but the music pretty much scorched on its own. And, while they're one notoriously loud act for a fairly cozy venue, the sound was great (and the levels would've probably been totally bearable if it weren't for an absolutely brutal snare that just pierced, pierced, pierced).

They play again tonight, with the Ponys and the Magik Markers opening. It's 18 and over, though I can't imagine that's much of a problem for anyone—last night's crowd skewed decidedly toward the mature-ish.

Update 12/1: We noticed some studio mikes and handheld DV's in effect at the show Tuesday night. Well, this would seem to explain that (via FlowFeel):

Veteran alt-rock trio Dinosaur Jr., which mounted a reunion tour earlier this year, has lined up four November concerts, including a two-night stand in New York City that will be filmed for a live DVD.

The group will warm up for the film shoot with a pair of shows at Chicago's Metro on Nov. 29-30, and will roll cameras at New York City's Irving Plaza on Dec. 2-3.

So you New Yorkers still have a day or two to prepare to get your rock on and mug for the cameras.

"Everything Louder Than Everything Else"
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