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November 30, 2005

Blatant Local Chauvinism

For all of the poor suckers who'll be stuck in the torrid heat of sweltering Miami Beach this coming weekend while I kick back in comfort in balmy Chicago, IL... a list of Chicago and vicinity exhibitors at this year's big shows:

At ABMB...
Valerie Carberry (booth G9)
Rhona Hoffman (booth F4)
Donald Young (booth C8)

At Aqua...
Bodybuilder & Sportsman
Lisa Boyle
Bucket Rider

At NADA...
Shane Campbell
General Store (Milwaukee)
Kavi Gupta (NADA member)
Imperfect Articles (publications)

monique meloche (PULSE invitational)

At ~scopeMiami...
Wendy Cooper
Carl Hammer
Kasia Kay
Karen Lennox

At Frisbee...
(plus... current Brooklynite and ex-Chicagoan Siebren Versteeg as one half of the Spirit Tours 2005 team)

* * *

So, though a number are participating, Chicago's galleries aren't exactly showing up in force in the sunshine spotlight of Miami Beach.

And, while I couldn't say how many applied to and were rejected by the various blossoming fairs (or, for that matter, how many opted out altogether), I think I'm beginning to appreciate Art Expo/Art Chicago's erstwhile value to the local art community as, at the very least, a foot in the door for worthy local spaces that might not otherwise light up the international radar.

But, what the hell: here's to the Sunshine State anyways. And here's to all that gorgeous scratch in FLA.

"Blatant Local Chauvinism"
Posted by Dan at 05:54 PM


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