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October 27, 2005

Quick Hits: Arman, Hammer and Other Paragons of Purity

(A return to the art blog fold.)

Off in France: "Chirac Pays Homage to Sculptor Arman."

Whatever one thinks of Chirac or the French, can anyone even imagine an American President making the death of any artist a matter of state business? (Anyone, for example, recall if Nancy happened to prepare a word or two for Ronnie when Warhol's fifteen minutes came up?)

Bush v. Brush
André Morain: Marianne Nahon, Jacques Chirac, Françoise de Panafieu, Michel Boudinar-Ruel, Oeuvre d' Arman, FIAC 1990

Quelle différence, non?

* * *

Lavater: 'Illustrative of the Temperaments'


Ehh, why the hell not? Someone needs to tell us just what's going on in this man's head:

Tom DeLay, Mugging

* * *

Para-sites got you down? Try a little paragone.

(Ahh, but maybe you were expecting something more like this? Well, then, this looks fairly interesting—though I kinda wish I could read Japanese... Anyone care to help me out? Franklin? Ritchie?)

The Paragone

"Quick Hits: Arman, Hammer and Other Paragons of Purity"
Posted by Dan at 11:11 AM


Art? Art? Whassat?

Now we can concentrate on football and beam all our good thoughts at the Bears. Maybe I shouldn't tho, since whenever I turn on the game they fumble. Unless I'm standing on my right foot and drinking a beer. Or maybe it's my left foot. Anyway, one of them channels the energy, the other makes them fumble. More beer needed, I guess.

Posted by: Cynthia on October 31, 2005 at 08:08 PM

It's not been all that pretty, but they've gotten the job done so far in this weak, weak, weak NFC North.

1st place in the division, with the season series tie-break over their nearest competitor (and the other two teams in full-on meltdown). 3–0 against division opponents (2–0 against them on the road).

And that defense is hard to beat.

Posted by: Dan on November 1, 2005 at 09:41 AM

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