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October 27, 2005

A couple thoughts in the wake of the broom...

1. Was there anything more disingenuous in Fox's coverage tonight than having Joe Francis Buck list off the neighborhoods of the South Side as if he's a regular Chicago homeboy... before telling America about all of the "stockyard workers" that'll be making merry back in Chitown? (They'll all be doing the Lindy Hop with Alphonse and his merry band of bootleggers, I suppose... "That's it: Twenty-three skidoo. Twenty-four, twenty-five skidoo...") Perhaps Joltin' Joe's just been reading his Upton Sinclair (and bully for him), but maybe someone can bring the guy a little more up to speed.

2. Honestly, how could those Houston fans have ever let Uribe get his mitt on that pop-up in the ninth? With the Series on the line and the ball clearly in the seats and fair game, there should have been a hundred and one civilian hands on that ball, and maybe even a bit of blood drawn. I fully appreciate the deep irony in a Cubs fan counseling smart fan interference in the playoffs, but seriously: would Sox fans have ever let an opposing player walk away from those seats, ball in glove and dignity intact? (Answer: Only if they were too busy slapping the guy's wife.)

"A couple thoughts in the wake of the broom..."
Posted by Dan at 12:01 AM


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