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October 3, 2005

Beyond parody at the New Criterion

Even as we anxiously await Roger Kimball's reverse hagiography on the late August Wilson, let's take a moment to appreciate this tidbit from the New Criterion's latest Notes & Comments:

But what caught our attention most recently was the lead article, by Ginia Bellafante, in the Sunday arts pages for September 18 [read a version here]. Entitled "Bill T. Jones Is About to Make People Angry. Again.," this 2,200-word valentine to the fifty-three-year-old black, HIV-positive choreographer-activist (get the picture?) was partly an exercise in hagiography, partly an ideological position paper.

Get the picture? Yeah, I think we do. And no number of irrelevant Heidegger quotes will suffice to shine this pile.

I also love the scare quotes around "women's rights" further down in the editorial. Don't give 'em an inch, boys.

"Beyond parody at the New Criterion"
Posted by Dan at 10:08 AM


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