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September 24, 2005

James Elkins Throws Down in the Blogosphere

Erik Wenzel points to a recently-started blog from Art Institute prof James Elkins, created in conjunction with the school's upcoming Visiting Artists Program symposium, "States of Art Criticism" (previously noted elsewhere, with palpable anticipation).

The symposium will take place Monday and Tuesday October 10 and 11, 2005 and is being held in connection with a previous discussion held this past June at Burren College of Art in Ireland, roundtables from both symposia to be published together in forthcoming book from Routledge.

Dr. Jim himself will kick things off on Monday afternoon with a presentation titled "Conditions of Art Criticism," and keynote speaker Hélène Cixous—a feminist, a post-structuralist and a real-life soixante-huitard—will take to the podium that evening with "Arts of Escaping: Simon Hantai, Roni Horn and Other Writers."

Tuesday morning finds a seminar titled "Why Critics Are Not Your Friends," led by Associate Critter—and blinkered and beleaguered blogger—James Panero (who will no doubt be front and center for Hélène Cixous' lecture the day prior). This will be followed in the afternoon by a public roundtable with Michael Newman, Ariella Budick and Lynne Cook. Some ornery old coot from Vegas will cap off day two that evening with a keynote titled "Art After Criticism."

A pair of panel discussions will also be held in the wake of the symposium, featuring Michelle Grabner, Kathryn Hixson, Terry Myers, Lane Relyea, Hamza Walker, Ruth Lopez, Deb Wilk and Elijah Burgher.

Starting next Friday, however, will be a series of preliminary discussions and reading groups for the SAIC community. This is where the blog comes into play, as a preparatory online forum. Elkins leaves the door open, though, for a life for the blog beyond the symposium:

Initially this blog was designed as a place to share questions, thoughts, and discussions concerning the upcoming VAP Symposium. My hope is that after the symposium over, this forum will continue to address important topics in both Art Criticism and the larger artistic world.

That's something we can all look forward to.

"James Elkins Throws Down in the Blogosphere"
Posted by Dan at 11:30 PM


It will be interesting to see if he does develop this further. I can well imagine Elkins having too many committments already to really blog, but he's someone within the academic/art history community who's writing style and inquisitiveness are extremely well-suited for it. Perhaps talking with James will increase his interest.

Posted by: JL on October 1, 2005 at 04:09 PM

> Perhaps talking with James will increase his interest.

Perhaps one of these fellas can let James know that the internets are clamoring for him.

Posted by: Dan on October 3, 2005 at 11:26 AM

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