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September 23, 2005

Munch Arrest?

The BBC reports: "Woman arrested over Scream theft" (via Artcyclopedia).

It's a bit of a mistaken headline, as the woman was actually detained in connection with a Heat-style take down of a currency depot back on April 5, 2004, "the largest and most brutal robbery in Norwegian history." After a daytime street battle that left one police officer dead, the culprits made off with around $9 million.

Aftenposten Norway on this latest arrest:

"The woman sat in possession of money we believe can be traced to the NOKAS robbery," prosecutor Morten Hojem Ervik told news bureau NTB. "She's therefore been charged with receiving stolen property."
Hojem Ervik wouldn't say why police think the money comes from the NOKAS robbery, the biggest and most brutal in Norwegian history. A trial of 13 key suspects in the robbery began Monday, but has been suspended until September 26.

She is being questioned about the Aug 22, 2004 Munch raid (the motive of which, police believe, was to divert resources from the NOKAS investigation) and is reportedly a suspected accomplice in that theft. But Hojem Ervik says, "it's not because of our suspicions in the Munch robbery that the woman was seized."

Also: Following up on our previous post on the matter, the BBC checks in with their price tag on the missing artworks, saying, "the paintings are valued at more than £10m [currently US$ 17.8m]."

"Munch Arrest?"
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