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August 22, 2005

Monday, Monday

Just little of the this and that today, folks.

Two new

First, a pair of additions to the blogroll (your right, my left): A Comedy of Errors by Chicago duo Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes (who will be helping to kick off gescheidle's fall season in a couple weeks), and a blog from Chicago photographer Jonathan Gitelson.

A Shepherd I shall not want

Second, via the Other Group I see that that whole Kerry Skarbakka kerfluffle from earlier this summer has made the cut for the 8/21 edition of Chuck Shepherd's widely syndicated "News of the Weird". The outside scoop:

Artists Who Actually Went Too Far
The Thames Water company succeeded in pressuring artist Mark McGowan to abandon his project at the House Gallery in south London in July in which, to protest society's profligate use of water, he turned on House's faucet and planned not to turn it off for a year (wasting an estimated 3.9 million gallons). And in Chicago, it was only a couple of days after photographer Kerry Skarbakka announced his "Falling" project that he was pressured into abandoning it. Skarbakka said he was awed by the sight of people falling or jumping from the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and said he would, in tribute, repeatedly plunge four stories from Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art (but was quickly excoriated for poor taste). [New York Times, 7-28-05] [Chicago Sun-Times, 6-15-05]

Chuck's got the story more wrong than anyone yet.

Again, go read Skarbakka's statement on this project (which has not been "abandoned" and which was never intended as a "tribute" to those who jumped to their deaths on 9/11). Since my last post on this, Kerry's added some notes on the future of this now expanding work (in which Shepherd may now find himself playing a bit part):

These are the first images from that series entitled, "Life Goes On". These photographs, along with the other forms of documentation of the event, including e-mails, webblogs, film and the media's own accounts, are being developed into an exhibition tentatively called, "Ratings". The original intent behind the work has been overshadowed by controversy; which has opened a door to a much larger issue to investigate: the role of corporate media, its politics and effects of control on the public.

Up and out

Finally, a note to say that we'll be going silent here shortly, as I drive off to Colorado in the morning for my brother's nuptials and related family activities this coming weekend. (I don't like to bitch too much about gas prices, but I am totally stoked that they decided to climb to new heights in the week or two leading up to this trip.)

I hope to get a post up tonight that'll tide you over until my return, but I also want to get to bed by a decent hour, so we'll see what I can manage.

Posted below, in the meantime, is an invitation my brother asked me to design for the rehearsal dinner (with my mom's phone number redacted and light borders added to soften the clash factor against the yellow of the background). I think I kinda dig it myself. As you may notice, though, my own suggestions for the evening's musical talent seem to have been judiciously ignored.

Rehearsal dinner invite (front)
Rehearsal dinner invite (reverse)

No crashers, please, and I'll see you all anon.

"Monday, Monday"
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