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August 12, 2005

How's a boy get to be so damned fragile?

Before the Bears even hit half-time in their second preseason game tonight, Sexy Rexy went down for the season with a broken ankle. Color me shocked.

So much for lightning not striking twice in the same place.
Bears quarterback Rex Grossman, who missed the final 13 games of last season with a torn ACL in his right knee, broke his left ankle in Friday night's preseason game at St. Louis, an injury that will require surgery and sideline the 2003 first-round pick 3-4 months.
In a scene that was hauntingly similar to last season, Grossman was carted off the field with 11:08 left in the second quarter of Friday night's preseason game against the Rams in St. Louis with an injured left ankle.
After being spun down by linebacker Trev Albert while completing a 4-yard pass to tight end Darnell Sanders, Grossman was helped to his feet, limped a few steps towards the Bears sideline, motioned for a trainer, then sat back down on the turf, grasping his leg while grimacing in pain.
Bears trainers and doctors attended to Grossman for about five minutes before a cart took him into the locker room for X-rays.
The promising young quarterback injured his knee last season in a Week 3 loss at Minnesota, crippling a Bears offense that eventually finished last in the NFL in scoring and passing yards.

So it looks like it was the left leg this year. Don't say he doesn't like to mix things up.

And so it begins: who's it gonna be? Chad or Kyle or Kurt... Quite frankly, I've kind of lost interest already.

"How's a boy get to be so damned fragile?"
Posted by Dan at 09:38 PM


Ouch. The hopeful days of the 2001-02 season seem far away. I can never quite get behind the Bears because of their '85 team, but I can sympathize. It's a shame for great football towns like Chicago (or Cleveland, for that matter) to suffer so.

If it makes you feel any better, Tom Brady didn't play in the Pats first pre-season game - and when he was seen with the ball at all, he was tossing it underhand.

Posted by: JL on August 14, 2005 at 04:56 PM

> I can never quite get behind the Bears because of their '85 team, but I can sympathize.

Jesus. One would think three Super Bowls in the last four years might make you folks get over that embarrassing loss in '86. Then again, it was stupendously embarrassing.

Seriously, though... relax. You've got a team that has had the kind of success that makes even corrupt Russian Premiers drool; and I've got an audio cassette of the Super Bowl Shuffle handed down to me from my brother.

Posted by: Dan on August 15, 2005 at 09:51 AM

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