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August 9, 2005

'Let's hope this party never ends'

I'll try to get beyond such irrelevancies shortly, but for the time being, a mild diversion by way of Les Savy Fav.

Tim Harrington Unzipped


a) it would seem that this post is currently the top Google result for "The Sweat Descends"

b) judging from my site stats overnight, the Fav are huge Down Under (uh, that is, they're huge in Australia and Tasmania)


c) I've vowed to never spurn an Aussie's query

... I offer forth the following (as heard here):

The sweat descends
The sweaty scents
One cocksure fox in a house of hens
My mouth will water where the sweat descends
The sweat descends, sweet decadence
Let's hope this party never ends
A shiv in the ribs, some smoke in the hive
You live how you live I'll die how I...
Wake me up when we get to heaven
Let me sleep if we go to hell
Blame my mouth if the house is burning
Touch my tongue if you still can't tell
The sweat descends
My psyche bends
I'll never be the same again
This soul is twisted but the skin will mend
My tight, young skin covers up a sick palimpsest
Wake me up when we get to heaven
Let me sleep if we go to hell
Blame my mouth if the house is burning
Touch my tongue if you still can't tell
Make your mark on a darkened dance floor
Slip across the present tense
Press up against the skin you care for
Meet me where the sweat descends
Tim Harrington Unhinged

* * *

The photos above were lifted from Pitchfork's Intonation recap (scroll 2/3 down). Quite frankly, if these shots (alongside the rest from that recap) aren't enough to convince you that you need to see these guys live, then I'm afraid you're a lost cause.

The set began with bubbles (from a bubble machine) and dust (from a mosh pit) mixing as Les Savy Fav thrashed their way through "Tragic Monsters". And then Tim Harrington went to work. He whipped wet sponges at the crowd (when he wasn't busy stuffing them down his shorts). He wrapped tin foil around his head. He asked the fellas to yell if their balls ever felt sore after taking a dump. He tried making out with a guy and a girl in the VIP section. When the crowd surged forward, sending the VIPs running for cover and nearly cutting the set short, he got into the crowd and had the guys and girls on the ground making sex noises. He gave the mic over to some folks in the front row for some screaming. He engaged the crowd in some call-and-response action. He pulled an inflatable chair out on stage and sucked on a beer while the band played. He also poured beer down his tight red shorts. He worked his ample pot belly as if pot bellies were the sexiest things ever. He stripped down to a speedo, and then donned a sun hat and shawl.
But wait—there's more...

Related: Pitchfork has reported that Les Savy Fav are emerging from hiatus to go bass fishing in Japan (or something... I probably ought to reread that)

"'Let's hope this party never ends'"
Posted by Dan at 07:48 PM


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