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July 17, 2005

Meet Me Where the Sweat Descends

Had I known weeks ago that I'd have the day off yesterday, I might've spent the afternoon in the sweet shade of Union Park at day one of Pitchfork's Intonation Festival instead of sweating myself into a torpor in my steel oven on wheels, driving around to a handful of Saturday galleries.

Festival highlight Les Savy Fav plays tonight, however, and I've got my Sunday pass in hand, so all should be fabulous.

Until later, friends...

Update, 10:58pm: Such sticky fun, I had to take a cold shower.

Update, 12:00pm: Tom Skilling says, hottest day since '99.

Update 8/9: All you Googlers, check this post...

"Meet Me Where the Sweat Descends"
Posted by Dan at 03:56 PM


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