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July 11, 2005

Giving You the Business

From the Tribune business desk...

Lincolnshire art festival producers Amdur Productions get some ink in this "Trends" article on artists who ride the circuit. I'm thinking we might have different ideas of "high-end":

"They treat it as their own private art gallery," Amdur said, with semipermanent walls and flooring. They furnish it with tables and chairs and floral arrangements," she said.
Many have portable booths professionally designed with special lighting, shelving and angled walls.
It can be a good investment, Amdur said, because unlike galleries that take a cut of the action, art festivals provide a 100 percent return on sales, minus the booth fee.
Amdur, who also runs a festival boot camp to help new artists market their art effectively, encourages artists to dress well and approach customers.
"When you go to a high-end gallery, someone's going to approach you. Successful artists take an active role in selling their work," she said.

Oh, the crazy fantasies they cook up in those northwest suburbs!

Plus... It seems Illinois is drafting up even more hot tax deals for Hollywood. How about getting the visual arts a seat on that sweet state scrilla wagon? What do we need to do to convince Rod the Bod and Dick the Lesser that video installations are the new engine of the millennium economy, and institutional critique the revenue cash cow they've been searching for? (Or maybe Emil's our man.)

Finally, from the business technology page at the Sun-Times...

Smart advice for idiots and teenagers:

Some also speculate that more scandalous blog entries—especially those about partying and dating exploits—will have ramifications down the road.

Yeah, sexy ramifications.

"Giving You the Business"
Posted by Dan at 08:54 PM


Read this and laughed and laughed... esp. after looking at all the "high end" art over at the Skokie Art Fest this weekend.

PS: welcome back to the blogging world

Posted by: Cynthia on July 12, 2005 at 10:49 PM

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