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May 5, 2005

'Aggressive and Offensive'

That is certainly an apt description of something going on here...

A post at abLA brings us the following from LA's Transport Gallery:

At 10:40 pm, April 23rd, the LAPD chose to shut down this event due to the "agressive and offensive" nature of the show's content. Transport Gallery is seeking your help in exposing this obvious breach of First Amendment rights. If you attended the Mark of the Beast, and have any information or comments regarding the police's actions please contact us by email at info@transportgallery.com. Witness statements will be helpful in this situation. Thank you, TG.

Info at this point seems pretty much limited to the above, but take a peek at the show's website and Transport's photos from the event and tell me one thing there that could possibly be of even marginal interest to the police, let alone warrant such an apparently jackbooted shutdown.

It all looks to me like little more than fairly standard logo interventions of the Adbusters/skater t-shirt variety, so what am I missing? Was someone not happy with some lefty designer's take on the department's corporate indentity materials or something?

What's going on?

*Update: Art for a Change has some more.

"'Aggressive and Offensive'"
Posted by Dan at 08:17 PM


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