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April 25, 2005

This Here Plate is Full

The coming days should prove unusually busy at Iconoduel HQ, provided I can muster the blogging wherewithal to churn out the fresh content the week deserves.

First, of course, there happen to be a few art fairs opening up this week, here and there. (What? You hadn't heard?) In fact, the party's already been kicked off with the Version>05 opening this past Friday at the Heaven, buddY and Highschool Compound in Wicker Park. Version runs through May Day, with projects, programs, parties and provocations throughout the city. Information is to be found here and, I'm sure, all over this joint.

I'm not sure how many Version events, if any, I'll be making it to myself. With so much else on offer everywhere, my generalized lack of patience with performance and time-based media would certainly be put to the test, but I do kind of regret missing this performance piece (though I work 8-hour Saturdays anyways). Considering this past weekend's weather, however, it may well be better in reproduction than it was in person.

The Version exhibition, dubbed the Version>05 Kunsthalle, runs from April 29–May 1 at the Zhou Brothers' complex in Bridgeport, the future home of the Zhous' international art academy and exhibition hall (affiliated, I gather, with the International Summer Academy the brothers teach at in Salzburg).

Among the more traditional participants in this approaching art fair storm, Chicago Contemporary & Classic marches out of the gates first with a VIP/press reception Wednesday evening out on the pier. Then Thursday evening, early, it's opening night at Art Chicago's new digs in Grant Park. Later Thursday, NOVA takes partiers into the wee hours on West Washington. All three fairs open to the public on Friday. The 2005 Navy Pier Walk sculpture exhibition, juried by Peter Schjeldahl and slated for an official opening date of May 6, should also be fully installed by Friday for a preview party that evening. And things should be hitting a fever pitch that night in the West Loop, as virtually every gallery out there appears to be coordinating their show openings this time around.

Stay tuned as I try to maintain the level of energy required to both attend to the various happenings around town and keep you apprised of the goings on. And, though I don't want to speak for others, be sure check in with the other Chicago art bloggers for more coverage (although, for his part, Erik Wenzel says he may opt for sleep instead). On top of whatever they and I put out there, it looks like we even have at least one out-of-towner coming for to cover the doings, as well.

As if all this weren't enough, I've agreed to take up guest-blogging duties along side the incomperable but elusive MK Miguel MS JL of Modern Kicks fame over at Kriston's place for the week (while that site's author submits himself to the rigors of scientific study). So look for a bit of content there as well. (Hopefully I can get a post up before JL manages to turn Grammar.police into all Nemerov, all the time.)

To cap it all off, I popped my clutch apparently straight-up broke the clutch pedal off* in a turn lane this afternoon while driving 6 blocks to pick up lunch and, at this very moment, am splitting my time between writing this post and figuring out how to scam an educational discount on some software for my brother. And none of this is to mention the feline urinary blockage that made itself known in mildly unpleasant ways this morning (which veterinary emergency, thankfully, I didn't have to deal with myself)...

*Update 4/27/05: Bear witness to the otherworldly wrath of the left foot of Dan.

"This Here Plate is Full"
Posted by Dan at 09:45 PM


C'mon! It's one week! And it's fun! Sort of. Repeat after me: Hunter S. Thompson - Live Like Him!

Posted by: JL on April 26, 2005 at 09:06 PM

Sleep would be nice, too, but I'll settle for fun.

If I'd wanted to live like Thompson, though, I would've gone ahead and stayed out in Colorado.

Posted by: Dan on April 27, 2005 at 02:42 PM

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