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April 3, 2005

Spring, Sprung

Spring somehow just creeped in through the back door...

As Fresh Paint pointed out on Friday, in something of a timely reminder, SAIC's BFA exhibition opened this past evening at Gallery 2. I was too busy throwing back the Anchor Steams at Grizzly's to attend, but hopefully Cynthia will hit us up with the lowdown.

Nevertheless, and beer and basketball notwithstanding, spring is the time to see tomorrow's young stars today so, your attention if you will...

UIC has already begun their series of MFA shows at Gallery 400, the first of which—featuring Christa Donner, Fang Ling-An and Jennifer Justice—ended... well, it looks like it ended yesterday. Two more trios of artists will show over the next two weeks: Todd Mattei, Lauren Portada and Andy Young from April 5–9; Wes Kline, Ben Martinkus and Eli Weinberg from April 12–16.

SAIC's MFA exhibition will be up at Gallery 2 May 8–20, with an opening reception the evening of the 7th. Their BFA exhibition, which as mentioned above just opened, will remain up through April 15. Graduate and undergraduate performance works will be presented at the end of April, with film, video and audio works appearing at the Siskel Film Center throughout May.

Northwestern's MFA thesis show will be at the Block Museum April 19–June 19 and will feature work from Kelly Marie Breslin, Zachary Buchner, Joe Phlieger, and Ryan Scheidt. Meanwhile, Northwestern's senior show, Help Wanted, will be at the Dittmar Gallery in the Norris Center April 2–May 8.

In May, Columbia will feature MayFest, "a month-long celebration of Columbia College Chicago student work" during which their 11th St gallery promises "significant bodies of work from graduating seniors."

Finally, from June 10–July 23 NIU's MFAs will make the trip in from DeKalb for an exhibition at the school's River North space. (The NIU BFAs, for their part, will remain out in the sticks for an exhibition later this month.)

"Spring, Sprung"
Posted by Dan at 02:30 AM


Lowdown has begun.... am done writing about the third floor... 2nd and 1st still to go... and perhaps a Final Assessment, if I'm not burned out by then. On the whole, a good year, with some curious trends (sound installations are out, for example -- was the trendy thing a few years ago -- every exhibit dripping with earphones). Saw no Barbie art -- a first!

More on the blog.

Posted by: Cynthia on April 11, 2005 at 05:26 PM

I should have noted this when they first appeared. Quite thorough:

Here, here and here (for starters).

Posted by: Dan on April 11, 2005 at 11:02 PM

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