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April 2, 2005

Chicago Sculptors: Carpe Diem

A Craigslist posting from the south suburbs:

We are seeking a sculptor to create a bust of Pope John Paul II. We will be making a casting of his likeness and making it available for sale. Must have samples of work available for review as the likeness of His Holiness should be realistic to his image as it was 15-20 years ago. The bust should measure approx. 8-10 inches high. Payment options are as follows:
1. A one time payment with the artistic copyrights legally transferred to us.
2. You provide a bust, keep the artistic copyright and share in the profits (2% of net after manufacturing cost).
We estimate the manufacturing cost to be approx. $9.75 per bust with a wholesale sale price at $20.00.

(Maurizio Cattelan need not apply.)

"Chicago Sculptors: Carpe Diem"
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