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February 16, 2005

Smithsonian to Receive $3.6 Million Grant from Terra

Although Chicago's Terra Museum of American Art closed its doors for good this past October, the Terra Foundation remains with us and boasts a newly refocused mission.

On February 11 the Terra Foundation for American Art announced that, in its largest grant to date, it will be cutting a check for $3.6 million to the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art for the digitization and online archiving of "a substantial cross-section of the Archives' most important holdings, including the papers of a highly diverse range of artists and arts-related figures from the eighteenth century to today."

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Archives is described as "the world's largest and most widely used resource on the history of art in America." Over the next five years "more than 1,200 linear feet of letters, photographs, sketchbooks, ledgers, diaries, business records, and writings" will be transmuted along with "more than 900 linear feet, close to 100 collections, that include records of selected art galleries, art organizations, collectors, art historians, critics, editors, museum directors, and others" into nearly 1.6 million digital files to be made publicly available, free of charge, over the Web at the Archives' new web site.

President and CEO of the Terra, Elizabeth Glassman:

The Terra Foundation grant to the Archives of American Art has the potential to revolutionize research in American art, creating free and open access to important documents not just for the academy, but also for schools, libraries, and homes, from St. Louis to Shanghai. The Terra Foundation is thrilled to be working with the Archives of American Art, so that together the two organizations can bring this wealth of crucial material to audiences worldwide.

The project is to include the Archives' collections from the American Watercolor Society, Cecilia Beaux, Albert Bierstadt, Isabel Bishop, Marcel Breuer, Alexander Calder, Joseph Cornell, Dorothy Dehner, Arthur Dove, Thomas Eakins, Martin Johnson Heade, Winslow Homer, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Jacob Lawrence, Reginald Marsh, Dorothy Miller, Louise Nevelson, Erwin Panofsky, Betty Parsons and Betty Parsons Gallery, Horace Pippin, Jackson Pollock, Charles Sheeler, Robert Smithson, Henry Tanner, Benjamin West, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, and Grant Wood.

Related: browse the Terra's collection of American art online.

[Via: Chicago Tribune, BigNewsNetwork.com]

"Smithsonian to Receive $3.6 Million Grant from Terra"
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