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January 7, 2005

Paschke's Final Interview

Artbeat Chicago returns to Channel 11 tonight with an episode devoted to the late Ed Paschke.

I would imagine they will show all or part of Dan Andries' Thanksgiving Eve interview with Paschke, who died in his sleep from heart failure on Thanksgiving morning. Audio from the WTTW interview was previously included in segment for WBEZ's Sunday morning arts show, Hello Beautiful! back on December 5, which you can listen to here (Real Audio).

As I recall, the interview was just the first of three or four planned conversations with the artist in his Rogers Park studio. One of points of spacing out the interviews was to allow viewers a look at his exacting artistic process as it unfolds through the creation of a painting. As it stands, we'll naturally only get a glimpse at his work in its early stages.

That's a glimpse I'm looking forward to, however. Apparently Paschke, a consummate craftsman best-known for an electrifying pallete, always exhaustively layed out his compositions in a thorough grisaille underpainting before ever integrating even a bit of color. Downright classical in its way, but also revealing as to why some of his paintings have a look of brightly toned photographs.

Artbeat airs tonight at 10 pm on WTTW Channel 11 and repeats Saturday at 11:30 pm, Sunday at 5:30 pm and Wednesday at 4 am.

"Paschke's Final Interview"
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