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December 23, 2004

Bri No Respect

Sure, Brian Sholis can't get no respect in the weblogs these days. That's not what I'm concerned with at the present, however.

What commands my attention here, and I won't tarry but a moment, is his recent highlighting of the current Kai Althoff survey (ongoing at the MCA), Kai Kein Respekt (Kai No Respect), amongst his Top 16 of 2004.

I got a bit cranky recently when a Chicago blogger (also named Brian, for what it's worth, and also with the initials "BS"—hmmm, too easy) declared the exhibit to be, like, the greatest thing ever. Now I see Sholis calling it "One of the top five solo exhibitions I have seen since I began to look closely at art." Granted, he doesn't detail exactly how long this has been.

From Sholis' Artforum.com review of the show:

With an empathic, folksy faux naïveté, Althoff successfully yet somewhat ambiguously identifies with and inhabits an eclectic range of invented and real characters... he divulges an ego-deflating sensitivity to disparate human experience that verges on the beatific... Althoff is a prism through which the white noise of everyday life is transformed into a dazzling rainbow.

In other words, it's all clutter and noise with very little thought or focus (gotta deflate that ego). What's that I was saying about "the partial and the insufficient"?

Now I don't wish to begrudge a man his tastes, but I'll ask again: am I missing something?

"Bri No Respect"
Posted by Dan at 02:23 AM


By Greg Edwards

Enmeshment reflections
of gone and by the way:
I let thee go to lay and rest.
I face a new path—ever new!
Known as now yet never “there.”
For what can there be apart from the midst,
from the center of the garden I speak…
as memory fades into remembrance.

Posted by: Greg Edwareds on December 28, 2004 at 12:39 PM

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