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November 9, 2004

Artists: Increase the Size of Your Google...

J.T. Kirkland of Thinking About Art, spurred by a lackluster reaction from DC-area galleries and artists, is opening up a small project he began in October to interested artists elsewhere.

Here's the idea, from his original post:

It should be clear by now that I am fascinated with the mind of the artist. Considering that, I've decided to embark on a little project. I am looking for local artists (DC, MD, and VA) who are interested in participating. Here's the deal: first, if I am not familiar with the artist's work I will want to review it (jpegs, Web site, maybe even a studio visit, etc). Once I get somewhat familiar with the work, I will communicate a single word that comes to mind about the art. I will ask that the artist write 100-500 words about the chosen word and what it means in their art. Because the "question" is so open ended, I think it will allow the artist much freedom to discuss their work and their thought processes. I would then like to publish the writing and a couple of examples of the artist's work on this site.

The respondents thus far:

Charles Neenan: Tradition
Kelly Towles: Color
Ryan Mulligan: Originality
Matt Hollis: Confinement
Dean Fueroghne: Originality
James W. Bailey: Obligation
J. Coleman: Depiction
Andy Moon Wilson: Decision
Molly Springfield: Language
Bryan Whitson: Scene
Elyse Harrison: Motivation
Jiha Moon Wilson: Influence
Alexandra Silverthorne: Derivative
Jose Ruiz: Contemporary

(Hmmm... Note that only "originality" is listed twice.)

Whether or not Kirkland's framework of 'one artist–one word' appeals to you, 100–500 words is a pretty modest request. Consider it free airtime and a chance to beef up your Google footprint with a minimum of effort (read DC gallerist Lenny Campello's take at DC Art News on the importance of getting yourself one of these). Artists and galleries ignore the internets at their own peril.

It's all quite easy: just send some jpegs to this fella and he'll get you started. He's practically begging to lend you a hand:

If you are in California, shoot me an email. If you are in New York, shoot me an email. If you are anywhere else, shoot me an email. Even though this site is primarily focused on Washington, DC, I'm interested to find out if artists elsewhere are more interested in the intellectual aspect of being an artist.
Open for discussion is this: why wouldn't an artist want to participate in this project? I won't accept the "I don't have time" excuse. I just don't believe that someone can't spare 30 minutes of time. What then is the reason??

"Artists: Increase the Size of Your Google..."
Posted by Dan at 05:15 PM


Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for writing about my project. It's clear by the quotes you pulled from my site that I feel strongly about this project. Sure, it gives artists a Web footprint. But it also furthers our understanding of art and the artistic process. Forgive me if I sound like a salesman... I promise I make no money from this effort!

You caught me using "originality" twice. How ironic is that? Initially I'm trying to use a different word for each artist, but I slipped up this one time. With enough participation I'm sure I'll be forced to repeat words. That may prove interesting to compare what different artists say about the same word.

Again, thanks so much for the plug. I, too, am hoping that you will soon be able to post on a more consistent basis. And I also hope you're able to secure some body armor!!

J.T. Kirkland
Thinking About Art

Posted by: J.T. Kirkland on November 9, 2004 at 06:50 PM

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