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November 8, 2004

A Brief Explanation as to Why I Suck

Cognizant though I am of readers' requests for more consistent posting, some of the more observant of you may have noticed a dearth of activity around here.

Well, among other things, I'm preparing for a move later this month. No, not to Toronto, silly... north Rodgers Park. Round about these parts:

The latest incident happened near Paulina and Howard Streets when Leonard Soberanis, 21, of Evanston fired a handgun at a man and chased him east on Howard, said Laura Kubiak, a Chicago police spokeswoman.
As Soberanis, an alleged gang member, chased the man, two armed and uniformed security guards jumped out of their car and ordered Soberanis to stop drop his gun, Kubiak said. Soberanis fired at the guards, who shot back and chased him, Kubiak said.
Soberanis continued chasing and shooting at the first man and fired back at the guards, who continued to return fire, Kubiak said. The guards eventually caught up with Soberanis and subdued him several blocks away, Kubiak said.

At any rate, time not spent scouring eBay for body armor will be devoted to sorting through all sorts of crap I'll never need or use, wisely purging some of it and quietly repacking the rest. Posting will undoubtedly remain light.

In the meantime, anyone looking for anything resembling consistent Chicago art coverage can always turn to... uhh, err... hmmm... shit...

"A Brief Explanation as to Why I Suck"
Posted by Dan at 10:18 PM


It sounds like a dozen rounds were exchanged and no one hit anyone. Boy, you Chicagoans are lousy shots.

Good luck with the move.

Posted by: Franklin on November 10, 2004 at 06:54 AM

>"Boy, you Chicagoans are lousy shots."

Naw... just a bit more nimble.

Posted by: Dan on November 10, 2004 at 01:28 PM

Hey... wasn't there this little thing called an election that just ended and took up a whole lot of time?... The fall art season has just barely begun. I am polishing up my art boots and will be back on the trail soon.

Glad you'll be a sorta neighbor. They don't usually chase us down the street shooting. We have noise ordinances, after all.

Posted by: Fresh Paint on November 11, 2004 at 10:13 AM

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