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October 19, 2004

Playoffs been very very good to me

Posting has been light and may remain so as I've been snared in the neon claws of playoff baseball. This is a surprise considering that my dogs aren't in this fight, not to mention my general reluctance to buy into the Yankees–Red Sox hype shoveled from out East. Yet here I find myself, watching literally hours upon hours of baseball and bearing more ill will towards total strangers than would ever be considered healthy. And, as they rage back on the bat of Big Papi Ortiz, should Boston somehow manage the historic comeback to advance, I'm certain to be out of commission for a while longer.

Last night over in the NLCS, while awaiting Jeff Kent's bottom-of-the-ninth bomb that gave the Astros a 3–2 series lead, I found myself comparing in my mind's eye Houston's current, relatively sedate look to those unmistakable unis of yore (God bless the Wayback Machine). Tuning in to Coudal today we find Jim and Co. beeming with pride (and showing us where these Chicagoans' loyalties lie):

We have very good friends at the Astros. Dedicated, smart, nice people who deserve success. We love the way the team plays. We've been fans of Bags and Biggio for just about ever. We love that Rocket came home to play. But most of all, we love the fact that the logo and uniforms we designed might be heading to the World Series. Go Stros!

"Playoffs been very very good to me"
Posted by Dan at 05:43 PM


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