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October 14, 2004

Paul Klein's Latest Venture

At the beginning of September, Paul Klein (formerly of Klein Art Works, which closed up shop this past May) started up Art Letter, through which he will offer regular run-downs of current and upcoming Chicago gallery offerings in the form of an email newsletter with web archive:

Here’s the idea. I have asked the 67 galleries in Chicago I like the best to send me information and images about forthcoming exhibits. If I can embrace an exhibit I will send an email to you letting you know and encourage you to see it.

True to form, Klein also hosts a message board (with space for discussion as well as press releases) and reader-submited reviews.

If his letters to this point prove typical, I can say that this could easily become my go-to source on Chicago gallery happenings. Check it out and subscribe today.

* * *

Here's a plea that closes out his current letter:

Chicago galleries need our support. With no cover charge, they are doing their damnedest to enrich our lives and we stay away in droves. It is often a struggle for galleries to make ends meet. To garner our attention, they take risks. Sometimes we notice and care—sometimes we don't. As you can easily tell, I am interested in growing Chicago's already strong art community. I encourage you to do so too. I know how pleasant it is to buy art on your vacation, but I also know how much better it would be if we stashed that urge and shopped at home. Chicago's galleries are making your life better, even if you never ever step foot in that gallery. Please do what you can to reciprocate, support them, nurture them and encourage them, even if it is only to attend an exhibit and in leaving say "thank you."

"Paul Klein's Latest Venture"
Posted by Dan at 04:17 PM


Hey Paul,

I'm having an opening on the 17th -- would you like to come??


Posted by: Anne Elisabeth Hogh on February 3, 2006 at 09:29 AM

Paul's not here, man.

Posted by: Dan on February 6, 2006 at 08:37 PM

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