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October 6, 2004

Getting All International On Us

Brian Sholis (apparently just back from Chicago) points to Time Zones: Recent Film and Video opening at the Tate Modern, which he says "has a spot-on selection of young artists who are just now receiving their first US museum exposure".

Something notable in this respect, at least from this midwestern vantage, is that 3 of the 9 artists in Time Zones have projects at Chicago museums this month, two of which feature newly commissioned works: Yang Fudong (China), currently showing at the Renaissance Society, with one film, Liu Lan, also included in the MCA portion of Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China; Fiona Tan (born Indonesia, works Netherlands), whose Correction (a joint commission between the MCA, Hammer and the New Museum) opened last Saturday; and Anri Sala (born Albania, works France), who has an Art Institute commission appearing there towards the end of the month.

"Getting All International On Us"
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