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September 23, 2004

Iconoclast Tumbler Strikes in Berlin

via Artforum News...

"A woman doing handsprings hurled herself at two art installations" at the controversial exhibition of the Flick Collection at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin.

Yelling loudly, the 35-year-old woman attacked "Office Baroque," a cutout section of wall by American artist Gordon Matta-Clark, doing a series of head-over-heels flips before landing on the work in a handstand, punching both her arms through the drywall, said Klaus Dieter Lehmann, president of Berlin's Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.
She then ran across the large room, pushing over a section of a spray-painted truck called "Graffiti Truck," also by Matta-Clark, bending back the metal roof.
As she was apprehended, the woman said "Flick, I am satisfied," according to a museum security official.
Lehmann said the woman was known to police for causing disturbances.
"It was not a political action according to police," he said. "From the profile of the woman we think it was an isolated incident."

Bizarre. According to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur:

A woman visitor to a controversial Berlin art exhibition had damaged two works of art in an apparent protest action, police said Thursday.
The woman, whom a police spokesman said had a record of assault and damaging property, began trampling an art work until it was broken. She then proceeded to trample on another art work.

Reuters has more:

The 35-year-old, whose name was given only as Sonia H., leapt onto a three-dimensional artwork late on Wednesday and trampled on it. Then she overturned a construction made up of graffiti-sprayed car body work. "Flick, I forgive you", she screamed.
A police spokesman said on Thursday the woman had been charged with criminal damage after both works were seriously damaged.
During the show's opening on Tuesday one protestor, who said in a statement he was acting on behalf of forced labourers, snuck into the exhibition, stripped naked and then began to shave his head and his body hair to make himself look like a concentration camp internee.
A German artist group has also been demonstrating against the exhibition with a hoax poster programme offering free entry to forced labourers.

"Iconoclast Tumbler Strikes in Berlin"
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