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September 16, 2004

Today's Gratuitous Non-art Post

Yesterday the Chicago Blackhawks released a statement regarding the NHL lockout:

The National Hockey League has our full support as we take this difficult but necessary step toward creating a new economic system that will help our club in the future. The Chicago Blackhawks organization apologizes for the inconvenience this necessary action will cause its loyal fans, employees, and business partners. We hope our team will be back in action soon.

This probably came as a surprise to the many Chicagoans who'd been under the impression that owner Dollar Bill Wirtz had sold the storied franchise (among the Original 6) years ago for a proverbial bag of pucks. We have a team? Since when? Gee, you'd think we might've seen 'em on the TV.

In Chicago, no NHL hockey is no news whatsoever.

On the plus side, Rampant Speculation has Chris Chelios returning to Chicago for a stint during NHL "work stoppage." We can dream can't we?

"Today's Gratuitous Non-art Post"
Posted by Dan at 03:53 PM


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