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July 31, 2004

Leave no footprint, only lunch specials

You Thai Now.

Thai Restaurateur: You need job? I have job for you. You take these. [hands Bart a stack of menus] You hang Thai menu on door. I get more business. Send daughters to small liberal arts college. Swarthmore, maybe Sarah Lawrence. Call professors by first name. Ha—dynamite!
Bart: Hang 'em on the door. Got it.
Thai Restaurateur: You quitter! [sing-song] Quitter boy! Quitter boy!
Bart: I'm sorry.
Thai Restaurateur: Now restaurant fail. Children go to state college. Serious students powerless against drunken jockocracy. Baseball hats everywhere.

"Leave no footprint, only lunch specials"
Posted by Dan at 11:08 PM


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