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July 28, 2004



I'll resist the urge to gush.

Earlier in the evening the pundits marveled at Obama's "meteoric rise" to party prominence. Why a keynote address from this Illinois state senator who just four months ago was the minority underdog with meager funding in a seven-way primary race? Could he possibly live up to the hype and expectations?

Anyone who watched the man's phenomenal speech last night knows. (The networks preempted programming around here to broadcast it—everywhere else, it seems, Big Brother 5 aired as scheduled.) Everyone seems to think, at least for the moment, that this "skinny kid with a funny name" is the real deal.

Others' gushing (truly deserved):

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Then Ramsin Canon at Gapers Block has to up and spoil the fun, reminding us that "The Messiah is Human."

Update: Josh Marshall on Barack's impressive rhetorical force.

Update: Even ESPN's Daily Quickie Bandwagon gets into the act [via comment at ArchPundit]:

Cards P Jason Marquis: Runs off 8th straight W; who knew?
Gary Sheffield: 400 HR (but apparently 400 is the new 300)
Barack Obama: Dem or GOPer, you have to hear that speech...

Watch the speech here.

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