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July 14, 2004

Summer Salons in the City

The Vision 9 Tuesday night art talks' focus on collecting not floating your boat? For those in search of more critical fare, ThreeWalls is initiating a quarterly series of salons, beginning tomorrow evening, branded as ThreeWallsSALONS. On tap for this inaugural summer series:

Thursday, July 15, 2004
Just a little to the left: The Rise of Independent Curatorial Practice in Chicago
While some unincorporated exhibition spaces in Chicago have recently closed or transformed into commercially salient galleries, a curious number of these spaces have also reformatted themselves into houseless ephemeral projects, poster campaigns and occasional curatorial entities. Also prevalent are individuals and teams organizing exhibitions without maintaining a site. What changes from curating outside professional or ad hoc curatorial models? What, if any, other roles do this new breed of independent curators hold within an artistic context and what are the implications of holding multiple roles? What precedents and roadblocks do the growth in curatorial power and the embrace of curatorial strategies by artists that characterized some art of the 1990s have on this practice? Respondants include Britton Bertran, David Coyle, Sandra Dillon, Kristen VanDeventer and Melanie Schiff.

Thursday July 22, 2004

Unicorns, Rainbows and the Care Bare Stare: The Prevalence of Fantastic Doodling, Utopian Overtures, Sentimental Nostalgia in Recent Art
A seemingly cheerful optimism can be located among many recent exhibitions of artwork shown or displayed in Chicago. Full-spectrum palettes, dreamy texts, an interest in fantasy and science fiction genres, a difficult-to-place invocation of a 1960' s and 70's style sunny idealism and the preeminence of drawings on paper characterize this trend. This energy can be seen, in part, in exhibitions of the last year such as the "Eric Lebofsky, Josh Mannis, William J. O'Brien" at 1/Quarterly, "Welcome to Wonderland" at 1R Galley, and "Realm of the Lair" at Joymore as well as many others. Why the interest in these practices today? To what extent are these images tethered to an underlying politic that their apparently ideological antecedents were? How much sincerity is carried in the perfunctory craft that many of these seemingly quickly made doodles exemplify? Respondants include: Howard Fonda, Michelle Grabner and John Parot.

Rounding it out will be a presentation by current Threewalls Artist-in-Residence David Noonan on Thursday, July 29 and an open discussion/wrap-up session on Thursday, August 5.

7:30 pm at ThreeWalls Gallery, 119 North Peoria #2A (doors open at 7).

Or perhaps you're an artist in search of some critical feedback. Well, grab that bag of Screaming Yellow Zonkers and join the CAC for an artists' salon and critique at Izzo/Jones tomorrow evening (July 15) and then again Wednesday, August 18. "Join us for great networking, great art and voluntary critiques in a laid-back atmosphere. Bring snacks or drinks to share, and, optionally, 3 - 5 slides of your artwork for discussion."

7 pm at Izzo/Jones Arena for the Arts, 1806 W. Cuyler.

"Summer Salons in the City"
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