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July 14, 2004

Asleep at the Helm

As my writing and reading habits go hand in hand, I haven't been a good boy in terms of keeping up with my blog reading lately. Checking in with Electric Skin (brought to us by one Cinque Hicks), I see my harangue against Art Papers' glowing review of Kerry James Marshall's current traveling exhibition is a July feature. This ought to give me an opportunity to re-read the thing myself.

In the meantime... I was skimming some glossies at the Chicago-Main Newsstand recently and ran into some more praise for the show (though I can't recall where). Nevertheless, and for the sake of balance, the little bit I could scrounge up from a bit of Googling: Joseph Tabet at panel-house (which I linked to in the orignal post and where, for what it's worth, I received an amen corner shout out from someone called Dr. Steve), Michael O'Sullivan in the Washington Post, Dan Tranberg at angle and Glenn McNatt in the Baltimore Sun via the Google cache.

Update 7/25, via Electric Skin: Glenn Dixon in the Washington Post.

"Asleep at the Helm"
Posted by Dan at 01:59 AM


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