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June 28, 2004

Back From an East Coast Swing

Got home from the East Coast last night at around midnight and I feel like I could kind of use another vacation.

9 days and 2200 miles (a stunning proportion of which I racked up just searching for parking in the East Village) after heading to Boston on 3 hours of sleep and with only the sketchiest of plans, I return bearing countless blisters, a wicked one-armed suntan, one $90 speeding ticket from the Ohio Turnpike and zero tolerance for draconian parking regulations. And after 13 hours of driving yesterday and a full night's rest, I find myself still recovering from some ill-advised rounds of Connecticut Rules Beirut on Saturday night.

At any rate and in brief, art in NYC and beyond: Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261-1557) at the Met was spectacular; ditto for August Sander; beyond Anish Kapoor at Barbara Gladstone, Chelsea was an absolute bust; Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China at the International Center of Photography was pretty decent (it will come to Chicago Oct. 2, 2004-Jan. 16, 2005 at the MCA and the Smart Museum, then on to Seattle, Berlin and Santa Barbara); free admission to the Boston MFA made for a delightful day—meager on the Modern but the old European stuff impressed (I was particularly thrilled to see this bit of Mannerist brilliance), and on temporary exhibition the work from rubbish artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster was pretty much just that with one exception: I found the piece "Real Life is Rubbish," a rubbish pile which casts a photo-detail silhouette, to be pretty fantastic.

Major regret: as I cruised out of CT west on 84 after a really late start yesterday morning I came upon Exit 11: Beacon without a minute to spare. Had I known it would be on my way things might've been different, but for now Dia:Beacon will have to wait. That's a lack of planning for you.

"Back From an East Coast Swing"
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