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June 19, 2004

Heading East

I'd like to apologize to myself and to anyone out there about the paucity of real art-related posts lately (though I think this artblog comments tussle might count). Well, the dust will collect for a bit longer as, following Josh Marshall's lead (yeah... not really), I'm taking off for a week, heading to Boston and NYC where, among other things, I hope to hit up the Byzantine show at the Met (and I see they've got August Sander too... nice) and, I suppose, buzz through Chelsea. If any of you all've got anything by way of hot tips or cool art picks, please see the email address above (i.e., dan at yadda yadda).

In the meantime, I commend to you the following...

Via my Moms (a Rev working on her Doc), the current issue of CrossCurrents, The Passion of Cinema: Religion, Film and Visual Ethics. I haven't read any of it yet, but it looks interesting and timely as scholars of religion and culture tackle some issues of cinema in a classical Cultural Studies fashion: "If Only You Could See What Iíve Seen Through Your Eyes: Destabilized Spectatorship and Creationís Chaos in Blade Runner" by Jenna Tiitsman, "Tarantinoís Incarnational Theology: Reservoir Dogs, Crucifixions, and Spectacular Violence" by Kent L. Brintnall, plus a pair of essays each on Mel's Passion and Hiroshima on film.

Some things that have been rotting in my bookmarks for some time (a couple I've actually read, a couple I have not): Eberhard Ortland on aesthetics and Walter Benjamin, James Elkins on the theory of the gaze (PDF, Googlized HTML version here), medievalist Monica Brzezinski Potkay on Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae and its ignorance of the Middle Ages, Lawrence I. Lipking from 1983 on poststructuralism and the status of theory.

And for those in the Chicago area, in the galleries (I had intended some capsule reviews, but should've been in bed two hours ago so... behold a brief listing): Serial, group show at FLATFILE Photography with Liz Nielsen, Nora Herting, Ryan Zoghlin, Paho Mann, Karen Hanmer, Liz Cockrum, and video by Eric David Hamilton, through July 3; Rhonda Gates, "Atmospheric Conditions" at Zg through July 3; Bill Gross' "Monochrome" and Tom McDonald's "Imperial Tin-Knocker" at Aron Packer through July 10; Lee Godie, "French Impressionism from a Bag" at Carl Hammer (with photos by Steve Kagan) through July 3; David Graham, "Declaring Independence" at Catherine Edelman through July 3; and Daniel Roth, "Cabrini Green Forest" at Donald Young through June.

Good night and see ya real soon.

"Heading East"
Posted by Dan at 01:23 AM


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