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June 14, 2004

I'm just a nut who couldn't build a barbecue

Homer Simpson in Mom and Pop Art

Lisa: Well, Dad, if the museum didn't inspire you, maybe you should do something really radical like Christo.
Homer: Is he that jerk that revealed the magicians' secrets?
Lisa: No, Christo is a conceptual artist who does huge outdoor projects. He once wrapped the Reichstag in plastic.
Homer: Not the Reichstag!
Lisa: [excitedly] Oh, yes, and he also set up hundreds of yellow umbrellas along the California highway.
Homer: Why did he do that?
Lisa: To make the world a more magical place, I guess. [sadly] Although they did blow over and kill some people.
Homer: Killer umbrellas! Of course! Exquisite.
Lisa: No, Dad, no, my point is you have to do something big and daring!
Homer: Big? Daring? Lisa, that's it! I've got an idea for a wonderful art project that'll make everyone love me again. Step one: steal all the doormats in town.
Bart: Are you sure this is art and not vandalism?
Homer: That's for the courts to decide, Son.

"I'm just a nut who couldn't build a barbecue"
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