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June 12, 2004

Smarty-pants Blogger on the Air

For those with their radios tuned to the Chicago area and those who can listen online, Professor Juan Cole will be appearing on WNUR's This is Hell (89.3 FM) this morning. He will discuss, among other things, his recent TomPaine.com article, The Resolutionary War. (Note that I think they'll keep an archive of the show streaming for at least week or so, round abouts here.)

Of minor interest: This is Hell has got to be the first place I ever heard the term 'weblog' used; as I recall they used to check in with Robot Wisdom on a regular basis [update: Robot Wisdom's Jorn Barger was at one time a contributor].

"Smarty-pants Blogger on the Air"
Posted by Dan at 09:33 AM


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