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May 22, 2004


Today I received the following email via the Other Group listserv, forwarded from artist Paul Chan [see also: National Philistine] regarding a summons issued by the US Dept of Treasury against Voices in the Wilderness:

Some news, not so good but strangely hopeful nevertheless. On June 4th, I will stand with other members of Voices in the Wilderness at a hearing at the Federal Courthouse in Washington DC. The US Dept of Treasury is attempting to collect $20,000 in fines for bringing medicines to Iraq and the US Dept of Justice is attempting to impose 10 to 12 year prison terms on us if we don't pay. (It is important to note we have filed a countersuit, against the US for maintaining the crime of economic sanctions. Also important to know is that we will not pay, will never pay, and will fight this, tooth, nail, whatever).
This is, of course, on top of the old (maybe new to you) news that Kathy Kelly, co-director of Voices in the Wilderness, along with 5 others, have been serving prison sentences since late April, for their protest work. Kathy will be in for 4 months at the Pekin federal prison in Illinois. Jerry Zarwada got 6. Others, 3.
People ought to know, don't you think, that our government is not only waging a war overseas, but also here, against the very people who are trying to stem the institutional violence that has become the unfortunate fabric of our lives.
Help me. Tell your friends about what is happening to VITW. If you have friends in the media, pass the information on. Tell them to contact me or Danny Muller, who is coordinating outreach for the group. Kathy is available for interviews in prison. Get media to interview her, or reprint her essay that was just posted on www.counterpunch.com (full link below). No friends in the media? How about setting up a media event? There are 5 or 6 of us in the NY area willing and able to talk about Iraq, the war, the occupation, the future, without war. Help us get the word out.
I leave you now with a quote from Albert Camus, VITW's unofficial philosopher: "In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."

Sign VITW's petition to AG Ashcroft at PetitionOnline.com

"US v. VITW"
Posted by Dan at 05:24 PM


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