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May 8, 2004

Brief Art Chicago Project Space Update

A more or less full accounting of the Art Chicago 2004 project spaces, listed in the order I encountered them.

From right to left (east to west) along back wall:

Mike Lash with gescheidle: fork over $100, pick a ducky, win a painting... should you not care for your prize and would like to switch, word has it that a bribe on the order of $10 should take care of things

Nancy Mladenoff with Wendy Cooper Gallery: photos of painted mushrooms

Anne Wilson with Roy Boyd Gallery: "Errant Behaviors"... video installation, thread and hair animation

Sarah Tse and Michael Chu with Art Beatus

Kcho with La Casona

Laurenz Berges with Patricia Sweetow Gallery: color photos of empty, sun-lit interiors of former Soviet military facilites

Kevin Francis Gray with Changing Role-Move Over: sculpture and photography... lipstick-red girl band and then some

Douglas Holst with Tory Folliard Gallery: colorful wall mural, based on pentominoes, features an arrangement utilizing each of the 18 possible forms just once

Paul Amitai with Tory Folliard Gallery: "Working in a Coal Mine"... 2-channel video projection based on Museum of Science and Industry's Coal Mine Tour

Eldon Garnet with Christopher Cutts

Alec Soth with Weinstein Gallery: "Sleeping by the Mississippi"... color photographs

Vadim Katznelson with Roy Boyd Gallery: acrylic paint on squares of mylar

Wim Catrysse with Galerie Kusseneers: "Quartet"... video installation

Jaume Plensa with Richard Gray Gallery: large, glowing fiberglass figure

From back to front (north to south) along west wall:

Markus Wetzel with James Nicholson Gallery

Ester Partegas with Foxy Production: huge trash bag from "Civilization Is Overrated"

Frank Haines with Jack Hanely Gallery: "A Night of Invited Guidance"(?) featuring "The Gyromatic Deluge"... video/sculpture installation, utterly, fantastically brilliant and still so dumb

Danny Yahav-Brown with Mixture: "Self-Sufficient"... installation

Samara Caughey with Golinko Kordansky Gallery

Susan Meiselas with Stephen Daiter Gallery: "Pandora's Box"... BSDM photo set

Brian Finke with Catherine Edelman Gallery: football and cheerleading

Kerry Tribe with Bodybuilder & Sportsman:"Florida"... video installation, footage of Floridian paradise with audio interviews with elderly residents of Floridian nursing and retirement homes

"Brief Art Chicago Project Space Update"
Posted by Dan at 02:17 AM


не пизди Ж-)

Posted by: alena on July 4, 2004 at 07:35 PM

nice pics!
hey Alena!!!Sleazy girl!!:-)

Posted by: Marina on August 30, 2004 at 05:06 AM

Referenced in this post:

Alec Soth
Art Beatus: Sarah Tse
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Art Chicago: Weinstein
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Bodybuilder & Sportsman
Catherine Edelman: Brian Finke
Changing Role-Move Over: Kevin Francis Gray
Christopher Cutts: Eldon Garnet
Civilization Is Overrated
Danny Yahav-Brown
Foxy Production: Ester Partegas
Galerie Kusseneers: Wim Catrysse
Golinko Kordansky: Samara Caughey
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Kevin Francis Gray: Girl Band
Kevin Francis Gray: The Enlightened One
La Casona
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Museum of Science and Industry: Coal Mine Homepage
Patricia Sweetow: Laurenz Berges
Paul Amitai
Richard Gray: Jaume Plensa
Roy Boyd: Anne Wilson
Roy Boyd: Vadim Katznelson
Susan Meiselas
Tory Folliard
Tory Folliard: Douglas Holst
Wendy Cooper: Nancy Mladenoff