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May 6, 2004

Rough Guide to Art Chicago 2004

Chicago art's annual Navy Pier circle-jerk gets under way tonight with this year's Vernissage/MCA Benefit. I'll be attending the fair with the rest of the plebes tomorrow. It should prove an exhausting day, as I don't think I'll make it to the Stray Show opening tonight and so will hit that tomorrow as well. Here's hoping for a better showing altogether than last year (Caryn of the Art Weblog, posting from the inside, says the Stray "looks like itís going to be one amazing show," which would indeed mean a world of improvement over '03). My pre-emptive, nearly fail-safe judgment before the fact: the shows will overwhelm all and satisfy few (but that's really just the nature of the beast).

Submitted for your consideration: a brief and ridiculously underinformed preview. Really this is little more than a batch summary judgment almost exclusively based on first impressions of online thumbnails—far from comprehensive, far from fair, and probably laying out my prejudices a bit too baldly. Consider it my walking notes/hit list for tomorrow. [*Update 5/8/04: fair highlights highlighted for improved perusal value]

Come and run the gamut with me:

A word about booth numbers: I believe the exhibition hall will be roughly divided in half, with booths numbered in the 100's to the west and the 200's to the east, and with 4 aisles (designated, from south to north, A-D); chances are you will be entering from the south (I think). For a (nearly) complete listing of exhibitors, see TBA's official list here. Note that, as far as I can tell, TBA's list is itself not quite exhaustive: looking at the Howard House website yesterday [via Carolyn Zick] I noticed that, though they are apparently part of the invitational, they remain officially unlisted. Note also that, though I listed all of the info I could find on this year's Project Spaces (considering a lack of such information on the official site), this list is also, I'm fairly certain, not complete; in the past there have usually been something like 15-20 Project Spaces, I've got only 11 listed.

Project SpacesBrian Finke: Football #63

[*5/8/04 Project Spaces update here]

Paul Amitai with Tory Folliard Gallery

Wim Catrysse with Galerie Kusseneers

Brian Finke with Catherine Edelman Gallery

Douglas Holst with Tory Folliard GalleryDouglas Holst: Acanthus Green

Mike Lash with gescheidle (Gescheidle's got some javascript that prevents me from linking directly to an artist's page, so I'll have to link directly to some images: "At Age 5", "Ostrum")

Vadim Katznelson with Roy Boyd Gallery

Susan Meiselas with Stephen Daiter Gallery

Ester Partegas with Foxy Production, "Civilization Is Overrated"

Alec Soth with Weinstein Gallery

Kerry Tribe with
Bodybuilder & Sportsman, "Florida"

Anne Wilson with Roy Boyd Gallery

International InvitationalVivian Van Blerk: From a New World I

Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos (Paris), Booth B245: Vivian Van Blerk, Jennifer Lund, Alain Galet

Black Dragon Society, Booth AB247

Bodybuilder & Sportsman, Booth B240

Boom/Shane Campbell, Booth A244

Bucket Rider, Booth B246: Nicola KuperusNicola Kuperus: Zeus

Changing Role-Move Over (Naples), Booth AB248

Christopher Cutts Gallery (Toronto), Booth C245: Richard Stipl

DCKT Contemporary, Booth AB245

Daniel Hug Gallery, Booth A242

Kontainer, Booth A249

Monique Meloche Gallery, Booth AB240

Mixture, Booth A243

James Nicholson Gallery, Booth C241Hernan Bas: Ebony Eyed Erik

Daniel Reich Gallery, Booth AB241: Hernan Bas, Bjorn Copeland, Christian Holstad, Paul P

Revolution, Booth AB249

Roebling Hall, Booth A250

Linda Schwartz Gallery, Booth AB244

Sister, Booth A247: Jeremy Blake, Danica Phelps

Local GiantsElizabeth Ernst: The Kindness of Strangers

Bodybuilder & Sportsman, Booth B240

Bucket Rider, Booth B246: Nicola Kuperus

Catherine Edelman Gallery, Booth A121: Elizabeth Ernst, Richard Misrach, Melissa Ann Pinney

gescheidle, Booth C235

Carl Hammer Gallery, Booth B221: Eugene von Bruenchenhein: Untitled (Marie)Henry Darger, Nicholas Miles Kahn & Richard Selesnick, Nicky Hoberman, Joseph Seigenthaler, Vintage Side Show Banners, Eugene von Bruenchenhein

Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Booth B210

Alan Koppel Gallery, Booth B121

Landfall Press, Booth A131

Monique Meloche Gallery, Booth AB240

Peter Miller Gallery, Booth A236

Perimeter, Booth A125: John WildeJiwon Son: 02L-B001

Byron Roche Gallery, Booth D215: Lisa Erf, Rebecca Shore, Jiwon Son, Ann Wiens

Carrie Secrist Gallery, Booth B229

Walsh Gallery, Booth D100

Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Booth B215

ContemporaryRobert Kelly: Thicket

Julie Baker Gallery, Booth A228

Cline Fine Art, Booth D121

Linda Durham Gallery, Booth B141: Phil Binaco, Raphaelle Goethals, Robert Kelly (like 90% of Canyon Road, yet not all that bad)

Greg Kucera Gallery, Booth B235: Mark Calderon, William Kentridge, Kerry James Marshall, Jane Hammond, Ed Ruscha, Kara Walker, Jack DawsMark Calderon: Regalis (Black)(I point to Jack Daws mostly for the sake of mentioning how similar his "Agreement" (a union jack in the colors of the Irish flag) is to Mark Wallinger's "Oxymoron", featured outside the British Pavillion at the 2001 Venice Biennale—as an American, I think I missed the full force of its (anti)nationalist flavo(u)r at the time and so found it rather daft, but apparently it proved provocative for the Brits, so mission accomplished I guess)

Galerie Kusseneers (Antwerp), Booth A233

Anthony Meier Fine Arts, Booth B211: Robert Beck, Jasmin Sian, Melissa McGill, Elena del RiveroElena del Rivero: Las Hilanderas

Miller Block Gallery, Booth A227: Laylah Ali, Richard Erlich

Newzones (Calgary), Booth D240: Cathy Daley, Sophie Jodoin, Colleen Philippi

Rocket (London), Booth A237

Galeria Trinta (Santiago, Spain), Booth A111

PhotographySebastiao Salgado: Worker at Rest, Oilwells, Kuwait

Stephen Cohen Gallery, Booth A221: Laura Greenfield, Edmund Teske, Weegee

Catherine Edelman Gallery, Booth A121: Elizabeth Ernst, Richard Misrach, Melissa Ann Pinney

Peter Fetterman Gallery, Booth A137: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado, Mario GiacomelliMario Giacomelli: from There are no Hands to Caress My Face

Halsted Gallery, Booth A149: August Sander

Lee Marks Fine Art, Booth C125: Lucinda Devlin, Mariana Cook

Laurence Miller Gallery, Booth B226: Helen Levitt, Maggie Taylor, Eadweard Muybridge

Yancey Richardson Gallery, Booth B220

Prints & PressesCaio Fonseca: Notations II

Arion Press, Booth A116 (Last year someone at Arion Press seemed to get pissed off at me for having the audacity to suppose that the work they had out was there for viewing, even if I'm not hauling a fat wad of cash. Stop by Booth A116 to waste their time by inquiring about this $5K edition. Arion Press: bear witness to hardcore typographic fetishism at work.)

Landfall Press, Booth A131Enrique Chagoya: Road Map

Paulson Press, Booth A222: Caio Fonseca, Amy Kaufman

Shark's Ink, Booth D140: John Buck, Enrique Chagoya, Red Grooms, Jane Hammond, Don Ed Hardy, Hung Liu

Tandem Press, Booth C120

"Rough Guide to Art Chicago 2004"
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