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April 30, 2004

Ahoy, Hoser

For Artboat 2004 at Art Chicago, a curatorial crew of Middlemanagement, Mixed Pallet and Andrew Rigsby have proffered a bevy of Chicagoans and Canucks, heavy on the new media, heavy on the collaborations. Perhaps heavy on the art cum science vibe? Heavy on the quotidian?

A bit of heavy Googling gives us:

LINT (Rena Leinberger & Ben Butler), Rena Leinberger, Ben Butler,

Tucker Nichols

Allison Hrabluik, Allison Hrabluik, Allison Hrabluik

Kyla Mallett, Kyla Mallett, Kyla Mallett

Duke and Battersby, Duke and Battersby (Real Video), Duke and Battersby (PDF), Duke and Battersby

Paul Woodrow and Alan Dunning, Paul Woodrow and Alan Dunning, Alan Dunning

Matt Irie/Dominick Talvacchio, Matt Irie, Matt Irie, Dominick Talvacchio

Joseph Kohnke, Joseph Kohnke

Lou Mallozzi, Lou Mallozzi, Lou Mallozzi

Kathleen McCarthy

Fernando Orellana, Fernando Orellana, Fernando Orellana

Michael X. Ryan, Michael X. Ryan

Bill Smith, Bill Smith

Siebren Versteeg, Siebren Versteeg

Chris Wildrick

A couple other recent shows featuring a few of these all-stars: "Collectible" at NIU (Winter '03), "Perfect: a group exhibition" at Chicago Cultural Center (Winter '04)

I'd initially balked at the thought of shelling out $35 for this boat ride on a day when I would be otherwise overwhelmed by art anyways, but this list has really piqued my interest. I very much liked Versteeg's 12 x 12 exhibit at the MCA (link above), Leinberger's felt manhole covers at Zg a few months ago were surprisingly cool, and I'd really like to see what Woodrow and Dunning have in store, likewise Duke and Battersby. Too bad I have to work Saturday, huh?

If you plan on boarding, however, you'd better hop to it: the presale discount ends May 1st.

"Ahoy, Hoser"
Posted by Dan at 03:14 AM


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