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April 10, 2004


Idiot Charles of Little Green Fruitballs took a break from heaving bile at the Muslim world, Kos and Western Islamo-fascists of every stripe long enough to offer a bit of praise for Todd Rundgren's new album, Liars. But... methinks he misseth the point.

Though I'd imagine Charles is focusing on Todd's calling out of the militant jihadists' lies on the song Liar (no argument here)...

Duty calls the faithful few
The infidel must pay his due For your family we will provide
You will fill them with empty pride And for you many virgins wait
Say your prayers, accept your fate

...I wonder, to whose lies could Rundgren possibly be refering in the following verse?

We need not the authority
Of some god of morality
Nor the aid of some skeptic land
Who puts truth before our demands
And to those who defy our law
We will bring them our shock and awe

For more on Liar and Liars go here (Re: Liar: "Well you certainly could and should say that it has the 9-11 subtext, which started out as a bunch of guys who believe something that we don't, but believe it enough to fly a plane into a building. They were encouraged to do that by someone who said 'Go ahead believe that...' And then somebody else turns around and says: 'These guys are the ones to blame for all of our problems and we should go and punish them for that and you should believe that' and that also is a lie."), here and here.

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