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March 31, 2004

Down the Eschatological Rabbit Hole

When low-fi faux-naif net art dreams, it dreams about being Youth Of America and Lighthouse Sanctuary Youth Foundation:

Christian web Hosting and so much more, brought to us by Wiseguy Evangelist R J Rocky Scarfone (née Joseph Baffa, aka The Rock, aka Rock). Brother Rock's got flow (Real Audio 1h 14m)... simply spectacular and worth every minute. Rock's got litigation, too.

'Angels Of Appocolypse' by Rock and David
'Good Vs Evil' by Rock and David

images copyright Rock and Dave, LSYF/YOA

It's a convoluted hyperlink jungle in there, so allow me to humbly offer some guidance... for starters:

Check out Youth of America ArtZine:
'Angels Of Appocolypse'
'Good Vs Evil'
Suffer Not The Children I
Suffer Not The Children II
'Moses Parts The Waters'

Go on a A Virtual Tour of Heaven:
The door to your left leads you on an apocalyptic fantasy adventure with a soaring MIDI soundtrack (M.A.G.I.C.—Most Amazing Gift In Christ), the door to your right hits you with a 404, and head right up the middle for a visit to the sanctuary

Be sure to take a little walk with Jesus

or find your own path

Hosted and Boasted by Rock and Youth of America/Lighthouse Sanctuary Youth Foundation: Visit Ms. Anna Bess Frye; Get mobbed-up with the M.A.F.I.A. (Men And Fellowship In America), its M.O.B.S.T.E.R.S. (Men Of Belief Saved Through Eternally Resurrected Savior) and The C.R.E.W. (Christian Ranking Eternal Warriors); Check out the Writings of General James Baxter, Sgt USMC (Ret.) here and here... (see in particular this inspired poesy: "SLAM DANCING on the Crystal-Palm Terrace to the STRAINS of 'The Punk-Junk-Klump' direct from starring on the TWSS# Telethon and playing their HIT Tune, "The Raised Dais and High-Backed-Chair FRUMPY." WELCOME FRIENDS!!!"); Watch Out! with the Survivalist Set at The Watchman On The Wall; and Pay a visit to I C God to find the answer to your burning question: 'I DO BELIEVISM: Words Of Dictionary For Satan?'

Finally, admit that your fate is sealed

"Down the Eschatological Rabbit Hole"
Posted by Dan at 10:31 AM


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