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March 9, 2004

Back with links in tow

Back from a bit of a birthday hiatus from the web, tossed ever so rudely out of the frigid depths of winter into the arms of this ornery bitch called March, finding myself having to cope with the changeover from intolerably dry skin to inexplicable daily nosebleeds (a particularly charming affliction, let me tell you).

First, shout-outs to Franklin of artblog and Carolyn Zick (thanks for the links). Second, site news of interest to absolutely no one: HTML, CSS, RSS validation a success... next up—batten down metadata, tackle accessibility and so forth. Third, a rundown of rants on deck: something on our current crop of would-be avant-garde revolutionaries, thoughts on Balthus and problematic desire, a best/worst of 2003 of some sort (timely, huh?)... yeah—all this and more, coming soon. Fourth, highlighting my current obsessions as seen at the right: art and the like—Art & Letters Daily, artblog.net, Artnet, ArtsJournal, Tom Moody, xBlog; and not—Crooked Timber, the Daily Howler, Juan Cole, Talking Points Memo.

Finally, jumping into the fray with some links to satisfy everyone's Passion-mania: the official Passion site, Ebert raves at the Suntimes, The Daily Howler sees all the controversy and smells a presscorps script, evangelical atheist Christopher Hitchens pops off a doozy at Slate and pulls out all the stops at the Mirror [via Who Knew?, normblog], and Krauthammer cries Blood Libel at the Washington Post (though the Tribune tones it down a bit here) [via ideofact]. All the cats are hip to the Grünewald connection (that paragon of graphic crucifixion): Ionarts here and here, Tom Moody, Stephen Prothero at Slate. MTV marvels that, against all odds, The Passion outsold powerhouse Starsky & Hutch. Even the forces of the Fourth International get into the mix.

"Back with links in tow"
Posted by Dan at 02:25 AM


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