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February 2, 2004

A Taste of Superior Linkage

Recent brilliance culled (stolen) from my current faves (at right)

Michael Blowhard of 2 Blowhards, regarding John Kacere, painter of the female butt:

Was he a cheesecake artist or a respectable photorealist? He explained his work this way: "Woman is the source of all life, the source of regeneration. My work praises that aspect of womanhood." Sigh: once again I'm struck by the thought that I went into the wrong field.
spotted in See-Thru Panties

Following the bouncing ball with Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo:

Richard Perle tells the Times that the CIA did indeed sell the president a bill of goods. "The president is a consumer of intelligence, not a producer of it," Perle told the Times. "I have long thought our intelligence in the gulf has been woefully inadequate."
Right. Perle has long been a staunch critic of the CIA. His argument was that they understated the scope of Saddam's WMD programs, naively discounted his ties to terrorist organizations and had an overly pessimistic vision of post-war Iraq.
In other words, if the CIA is all wet, Perle is all wet squared. Or probably even cubed.
ripped off from A pearl. Lapidary...

The Daily Howler chats up a clowning Mickey Kaus and dishes it to a ragin' Chris Matthews:

Hail to thee, O Manchester, New Hampshire, frozen Queen City by the Merrimack! We enjoyed our barroom chats with Mickey Kaus, in which the Angelino took back every word he's ever written. Well, we think that's what we heard Mickey say. You know how it can be in those bars! There was the usual ambient noise, so we're not really sure what our pal really said...
And hail to Riley Yates, of the Manchester Union-Leader, quoting our own incomparable critique of the press corps' attacks on Howard Dean. (Yates reviewed Sunday's comedy concert.) "When Chris Matthews is complaining about 'red-faced rants,' hasn't justice been turned on its head?" we had asked. Continuing: "Message to Chris—you may not be the person to decide who is 'manic.'" And yes, we did the thing with our fingers, showing which words came in quotes.

Rick Steves is a tool... For our guide to London Through the Back Door we'll turn to Eurotrash

East London is a marvellous place, strangely neglected by contemporary tourist guides to the capital. If you've never been there, and I am pretty sure you won't have, here's what you've been missing (...)
witness the golden touch of Eurotrash for yourself...

Listening in at In Passing...

"Yes, I would love you even if you looked like Hamlet. Believe me."
--A woman talking on a cell phone, walking past the Nomad Cafe
from 18 November 2003
"Angora does say 'I love you, honey,' more than cotton."
--One teenage girl to another, shopping at American Eagle
of 9 November 2003
"I don't know, it's hard to put it in words."
"Too much Chex, not enough mix. That's your problem."
"Ok, I guess it isn't hard to put into metaphor. Just words."
--Two girls talking outside Ross
on 28 August 2003

...and not to neglect the AJ art blog troika:

ARTOPIA's John Perreault writes:

Photos and texts removed from books and placed on museum walls or refashioned as hand-outs assume more importance than may have been intended. Here the presentation implies that El Greco was great because Jackson Pollock made drawings of his paintings and that earlier the master's Opening of the Fifth Seal, apparently misinterpreted, inspired Picasso's Les Demoiselle d'Avignon (now being cleaned and repaired at MoMA). Wouldn't El Greco have been a wonderful, sometimes daring painter even if Picasso and Pollock had never existed? I blush at the number of times I have used the same defense of this or that artist: the reflected glory of influence. Nevertheless, perfectly awful or merely minor artists have influenced some great ones. Great ones have influenced hordes of schlocky paint-pushers. Influence is interesting, but not conclusive. Of course, the Pollock El Greco studies are available in three beautiful, facsimile notebooks for $750 at various Metropolitan Museum of Art checkout counters.
from El Greco, Rosenquist, and Kiki Smith

At About Last Night, Terry Teachout's Almanac Entries alone are worth the price of admission... to wit:

"Important! Fearful contemporary word, smacking of the textbook, the lecture-hall, the 'balanced appraisal.' So-and-so may be readable, interesting, entertaining, but is he important? Ezra Pound may be pretentious and dull, but you've got to admit that he's ever so important. What? You haven't read Primo Levi (in translation, of course)? But he's important. As the philosopher J. L. Austin remarked in another context, importance isn't important. Good writing is."
Kingsley Amis, Memoirs
found in TT: Almanac (January 26, 2004)

and finally, MAN, where Tyler Green opines:

Speaking of SFMOMA, arts organizations should know better than to come between patrons, their alcohol and their parties. Say it ain't so: SFMOMA has cancelled its Valentine Ball.
The real reason for the brouhaha is that SF's socialite class apparently has nowhere else to pick up taffeted boink buddies: "What they didn't take into account was how many people had counted on the ball," one donor told the Chron. (Of course a good man in the SF collecting class can skip regionalist balls and find dames on 57th Street.)
Or, an alternate translation: There are a lot of SFMOMA men whose wives don't know that they hang out at The Loading Dock and Daddy's and those men had promised to take their boys to the ball. Or maybe it wasn't about their boys, it was about their toys... after all, SFMOMA isn't all that far from California Hall...
skimmed off the top of Don't... take... away... our... parties

"A Taste of Superior Linkage"
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